Question by  MancurOlson (23)

What is the Iraqi Interim Government?

I keep hearing the term on the news.


Answer by  roarsinpublic (14)

The Iraqi Interim Government was a government created by the United States in order to govern Iraq until the Iraqi Transitional Government took over in 2005. Though the States had created the government, they did not control it - they appointed Iraqui politicians to do so.


Answer by  noblequest (64)

It is a caretaker government set up by the allied forces under the command of the United States to govern Iraq while the transitional government is fully set up following the Iraqi National Assembly elections validating its legitimacy and so that the United States can leave a government while proceeding to its gradual and final retreat from the country.


Answer by  BrendaG (6111)

Created by the United States and allies, this government's job was to rule Iraq until the Iraqi Transitional Government took over, on May 3, 2005.


Answer by  cashian (376)

It was the first government setup by the United States to help transition Iraq into a sovereign nation. After the Iraqi Interim Government was established, it moved to the Iraqi Transitional Government following elections in 2005. Currently Iraq is under the first wave of its permanent government which occurred in 2006.

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