Question by  selvam (18)

What is the height of a jack plate?

I need to know the correct height of a jack plate.


Answer by  DecalDude (36)

The height of a jack plate varies, depending on many factors. The type of boat you have, type of motor, and depth of water you will be boating in.


Answer by  ijlalnoor (2656)

The height of the jack plate depends on the type of vehicle you have. There are many other factors which also vary. So don't try to measure the height by placing it on the windshield. This would be the wrong height. Try placing it on the axle, this would be the exact height.


Answer by  Sarah5482 (120)

The jack plate should go up until you loose water pressure, gain rmps and loose speed. Afterwards drop the plate about 1/2 an inch and you should be at the right height.


Answer by  Chris22 (95)

Height of a jack plate depends on the vehicle. Don't put the jack plate on your windshield, that is the wrong height. Put it under the axel.

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