Question by  aquamarine (33)

What is the greatest weakness of man?

I want to learn more about the weakness of man and what could be the possible down fall of them.


Answer by  Anonymous

Hate...all the others come after you discover Hate.


Answer by  pilot (204)

Greed, lust, hate, envy, the list goes on and on. One could debate what the greatest weakness of man is and never reach a solid answer. I believe that each and everyone of us has our own particular weakness so it is probably fair to say that our greatest weakness is our inability to recognize our particular weaknesses.


Answer by  Tracipoo (1329)

I believe sex is the greatest weakness of man. If you really stop to think, sex is the driving force of almost every crime that is committed daily. It's way children aren't safe anymore, marriages break up, scandals errupt. This is only my opinion and not based on any formal research.


Answer by  mommy5 (144)

Temptation seems to be my guess. It can lead to all the evils of the world. People are tempted by money, the opposite sex, success etc. It ruins everyone involved.


Answer by  Israel34 (18)

our fleshly desires. This encumbers our doing what is right. Being fleshy is peppered with selfishness. We will tend to self before others well being.


Answer by  Anonymous

Fear,doubt,and not believing.

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