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Question by  slyfoxbro (26)

What is the cost related to party planning?

I need to estimate the cost of planning a party.


Answer by  MomOf6 (24)

Take into account any of these options that apply to your situation and add. Party location, invitations and thanks you's, postage, food, drinks and ice, paper goods or china and linens, entertainment, party favors, decorations and tips to all hired help.


Answer by  Marati (24)

It depends how many people you want to invite. When I organized a party for 20 people I spent about 200$ for alcohol and about 60$ for food. But I did not buy the cheap things so you can probably spend a little less


Answer by  ashleightindall (32)

Cost of planning parties depends on the size of the party being held. Corners can be cut by DIY party planning (not hiring a professional) and shopping for the best deals on needed items (venue, linens, flowers, catering, etc). Create a budget and decide what you can/should spend on the items needed;look for merchants who meet that budget.


Answer by  DesertRat (699)

Your party costs will depend primarily on the number of people you expect to attend. Then, the arrangments: how big a room will you need if you are renting a location, how much food, how many servers, a bartender, etc. If having a bar, even a cash bar, you will need to pay for opened but not served bottles.


Answer by  trench (35)

The cost of a party can vary depending on the party you want to throw. Dinner party, 50-150$, House party 100-350$.

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