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Question by  netbizguru (20)

What is the easiest way to export my Outlook calendar?


Answer by  Dave (29)

In Outlook, go to File, Import and Export, choose Export to a file, click next, choose the file type you need to export to, click next and choose your Calendar(s) you want to export, type in a name to call the new file and choose a location to save it to and click next and finished.


Answer by  man (13)

1. Open the Outlook Calendar. 2. Click View. 3. Point to Current View and then click Events (Figure A). 4. Press Ctrl + A to select all the holidays. 5. Open a blank Excel Worksheet. 6. Click in cell A1. 7. Press Ctrl + V.


Answer by  clever6242 (29)

file import/export export to a file then click next comma separated values (windows) Install calendar. save to your desktop. select the date range you want to export.

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