Question by  Craig58 (24)

What is the dream interpretation if I dreamed about a devil's curse?


Answer by  Scotti (61)

Dreams about the devil usually are telling of another side of yourself. A destructive side. Always pay close attention to the dream as its hints may tell of what part of yourself is getting too self destructive. Most times a suttle answer of what to do should also be in the dream one way or another.


Answer by  dr84bhl (2789)

Something terrible is about to happen in your life. It could be an accident or a run of very bad luck. But when a devil`s curse is dreamed about it is not a good sign. There are evil forces at work and someone has got it in for you.


Answer by  Anonymous

I Dreamed him last night, he told me he will follow me to hurt me, awake and sleep, until I'm death, It didn't felt like I dream.


Answer by  Anonymous

He just told me if I tell I'll be cursed 5 fold. What do I do?

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