Question by  BenJenkins (16)

What is a good dream interpretation of a snake?

I always dream about snakes.


Answer by  BarbaraG74 (22)

Snakes can represent several things in a dream. The most common, though, is an indication that you feel intimidated or threatened in your waking life. You may be wary of a sly or underhanded person that has tried to insinuate their presence in your life. Be cautious around them.


Answer by  Pierre (21)

Dreaming of snakes can mean several things. It's important to look at all aspects of the dream when determining the meaning. Snakes can mean: sex,fear,temptation, cleverness or swift to attack.


Answer by  boxsofrain (207)

Snakes has many meanings. It could be a fear you are not yet realizing, it could mean wisdom or transformation. It depends on what the snake does in the dream.


Answer by  madradhannah (8)

Many people view the snake as phallic, symbolizing temptation or forbidden sexuality. However, snakes can be a positive symbol. Snakes will often represent transformation, healing, knowledge or wisdom. To be bitten by a snake implies that you are anxious or afraid of issues in your life.


Answer by  spc10000009 (19)

Snakes have often been seen as symbols of temptation and have strong sexual connotations. Sigmund Freud viewed snakes in dreams as a phallic symbol.


Answer by  Darkephoenix (1789)

A lot of it depends on how you feel about snakes. To someone who's afraid of them it could mean you're in a dangerous situation or soon will be in one. To others, snakes are symbols of tremendous power. Biting snakes generally indicate danger while dead or injured ones can mean a loss or some type.

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