Question by  Haylie (84)

What does it mean if I dreamed about a lost love?

I have dreamed about this person twice.


Answer by  Akshat (77)

Dreams are what you want or think. This person was very close to you and something went wrong. You miss this person. This simply means you want that person back in your life anyhow. You miss him/her. Sometimes we just dont realise it but the fact is we can never ever let special people go.


Answer by  Indira (106)

It means that you want that person to come back in your life or that person needs you back in his/her life. It may also be because you saw that person again and kept on thinking about him/her the whole day.


Answer by  SubhashChander (1773)

Dreaming about a lost love means that you shall be meeting that love again or that you have not forgotten really. Meeting the same person twice means you have an utter desire for the same. Timing also would decide whether you would meet the person. Usually, dreams in the early morning prove to be true.

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