Question by  Kathiresan (14)

What is the difference in true north and magnetic north?

I have the hardest time understanding what the difference is in true and magnetic north.


Answer by  Duncan (1124)

If you are looking at a globe, true north is the point at the very top of the globe. Magnetic north is a spot in the northern hemisphere where the Earth's magnetosphere points vertically down, and can be found with a compass. Because the magnetosphere is constantly changing, magnetic north changes over time, and is currently over Canada.


Answer by  BrianSJ (524)

True north is the direction of the Earth's axis, while magnetic north aligns with the Earth's magnetic fields. The magnetic north pole, which is located in the Canadian Arctic islands, is now some 1000 miles away from the true north pole. The magnetic north pole is known to move over time, while the true north pole is stationary.


Answer by  karuppan44 (17)

Magnetic North shows the direction by a mariner"s compass where as a true North is visioned by everybody. But while travelling in ship only the magnetic North can be visioned appropriately


Answer by  franco (32)

True north is delimited in a map always follow a direction, magnetic north is delimited by the magnetic field around the Earth. The magnetic field suffers a change, because is not stable and the north magnetic field could be a northeast location, southern, western, northeast, northwest,southwest, eastern, western of the earth.

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