Question by  critty123 (24)

What is the difference between water based paints and oil based paints?

When so you use each?


Answer by  loribugher (462)

Water based paint is less toxic to the environment and washes up with soap and water and can put the wash water down the drain. It also has a lot less odor. Oil based paint is not as environmentally friendly, as you have to use thinner or solvent for cleanup, and you don't want it getting into the water supply.


Answer by  adouglass (331)

A water based paint can be used on wood, vinyl siding, sheetrock, and most interior sufaces. Oil based paints are used on metal, concrete, and surfaces that a water based paint won't stick to. When in doubt ask at the paint counter what they recommend.


Answer by  Diane61 (76)

Oil based paints are used when you want a special effect like on a door. They are harder to paint over and will need sanded. They provide a harder surface for wear but is harder to remove or paint over. It has a stronger order too. Oil has a shinier look so people will use it on doors or cabinets.


Answer by  highroller (57)

The difference is that oil-based paint has a non-water-soluble base to it, and latex paints have a water-soluble "base" to them. Latex water based cleans with water, Oil does not.

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