Question by  bennyboy (22)

What is the difference between professional vs. hourly employees?

Who decides which one an employee will be?


Answer by  mrbzero (60)

The difference is that professional employees generally do not get paid by the hour. They work however many hours are needed and get paid the same amount no matter how hard or how much they work every month. At the end of the year, professional employees usually get a bonus. Human resources usually decides an applicants' qualifications and classifies them.


Answer by  Josie74 (225)

The difference between "professional" and an hourly employee is a "professional" is normally paid salary and include bonuses, hourly employees do not get bonuses although they may do the same job as a "professional" does. Normally the headquarters of companies decide if they want to hire and employee or professional.


Answer by  mightyspidey (1080)

Hourly employees get paid by the hour for their work. They are usually not supervisors or managers. Salary employees are paid a yearly amount, based on 40 hours per week.


Answer by  mem4dr (1378)

A professional employee is usually paid a set salary for a year. An hourly employee gets paid by the hour. So, for example, an hourly employee might get $8 an hour while a professional employee gets a salary of $72,000 a year. An employer decides which one an employee will be.

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