Question by  lovingwife (21)

What is the difference between MyFamily and Facebook?

I'm trying find out if it's a good idea to sign up for both.


Answer by  blrVoice (1054)

MyFamily is a site where you connect with family members, although the site tells you that you can add anyone whom you see as family. Wheras facebook connects faces, who know each other e.g. friends, family members, colleagues, etc. Sign up for facebook as it is used b nearly everyone.


Answer by  BillSmith (55)

MyFamily is a social networking website designed specifically for interaction between family members, as apposed to Facebook's more "open" nature, involving friends and people you may not even know. MyFamily has features to work in conjunction with Facebook, so it is not intended as a replacement. MyFamily is $10/family, while Facebook is absolutely free.


Answer by  Daniel34 (10)

MyFamily and Facebook are both social networking sites, only difference is that MyFamily is more geared towards just family (including extended family) while Facebook geared towards friends & family. Facebook is more widely used and will likely have more people you know, but it's fair to sign up for both.


Answer by  jude11 (499)

I haven't used MyFamily very often, but it seems as though MyFamily is geared more towards family who want to stay connected with each other, but without the hassle of making other friends on facebook. Facebook is more of a social outlet in which you can connect with people you already know.

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