Question by  LaLaLady (12)

What is the difference between adjectives and adverbs?

I always get those mixed up.


Answer by  jb68 (207)

Adjectives modify nouns (a person, place, or thing). For example: The tall man quickly ran home - tall is an adjective modifying "man." Adverbs can modify adjectives, verbs, or other adverbs. For example: "The tall man quickly ran home" - quickly is an adverb modifying the verb "ran." Keep in mind that many adverbs end in -ly.


Answer by  sherryk (621)

Memorize this and you'll always be fine: Adjectives answer the question: which one, what kind, or how many about a noun or a pronoun. Adverbs answer the question: how, why, when, where, or to what extent about a verb, an adjective or another adverb. (That's it in a nutshell.)


Answer by  nuttree (1596)

Adjectives modify nouns, e.g. "the WHITE house." Adverbs modify verbs, e.g. "he ran slowly." Adverbs can also modify adjectives; e.g. in "The house was VERY white", "very" is an adverb.

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