Question by  apple (447)

What is the difference between a TIN and an EIN on the IRS W-9?

I am trying to file my taxes myself.


Answer by  altos (224)

A TIN is a taxpayer identification number it can be either a social security number (SSN) or an employer identification number (EIN). An EIN (also known as a Federal Tax Identification Number (FTIN) is the id number for a business (including a sole proprietorship or independent contractor).


Answer by  Taxmatters (169)

A TIN (taxpayer identification number) is your social security number. If you are not a citizen, it is a number provided by the IRS, upon submitting an application on form W-7. The EIN is an Employer Identification Number for a business entity that is provided upon application to the IRS.


Answer by  Cecilia (2828)

TIN stands for Taxpayer Identification Number. EIN stands for Employer Idenditification number and it has a slightly different format. Your TIN is your social securtiy number. You might check out some of the free online programs from TurboTax and TaxCut (now called H & R Block at Home).


Answer by  debbie80 (161)

A TIN number is defined as "Taxpayer Identification Number" and EIN is "Employer Identification Number." Therefore, if you are filing your own personal taxes, you would use TIN.


Answer by  Kristine (145)

A Taxpayer Identification Number issued by the IRS for non residents and aliens and a EIN is used to identify a business entity. (Employer Identification Number)


Answer by  Att4372 (1704)

A TIN is the ID of someone without a Social Security number. EIN is the tax ID of a business contractor (freelance worker or consultant). The I-9 is filed with the employer, not the IRS. Your employer uses this ID when they issue you a W-2 (TIN) or 1099 (EIN).


Answer by  working (311)

A TIN can be used as a temporary identification number, and EIN is an employer identification number. It is possible for an individual to have and EIN in certain circumstances. The IRS generally prefers you to use either EIN or social security numbers as these are the most common used and universal.


Answer by  Kurt (4579)

TIN = Taxpayer Identification Number. EIN = Employer Identification Number. Both represent taxable entities for the Internal Revenue Service. Your status depends on whether you are self employed or not.

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