Question by  apple (447)

What is the Difference Between a Form I-9 and a Form W-9?


Answer by  toastedcheese (216)

I-9 is the standard employee identification form. W-9 is similar but aimed at contractors and consultants, as opposed to traditional employees.


Answer by  technogeek (6640)

A W-9 is a form for requesting a taxpayer ID. An I-9 is proof that you have a legal right to work in the US.


Answer by  LadyElisabeth (52)

A Form I-9 certifies you as able to work in the U.S. while a Form W-9 is to apply for a tax identification number for a business.

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Answer by  wanda (58)

The I-9 is proof of legality to work in the US, requires 2 forms of ID. The W-9 is taxpayer identification number for taxing activity by an employer.


Answer by  dr84bhl (2789)

A form i-9 is for us residents. The form w-9 is for aliens people who are not residents of the united states.

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wouldn't it be the other way around since an I-9 is proving that you can work...wouldn't that be for "aliens" who we don't know if they are legal? Just sayin...  add a comment
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