Question by  ts9818a (139)

What is the difference between a D.O. and an M.D.?


Answer by  patti (29325)

An m. D. has studied allopathic medicine; a D. O. has studied osteopathic medicine. The two programs are nearly identical, except that osteopathy includes extended studies in the musculoskeletal sytem and it's effects on overall health. Both types of docs specialize in all fields.


Answer by  aecarpenter (516)

D. O. stands for Doctor of Optometry - basically an eye doctor. An MD is a medical doctor and they are the general practitioners.


Answer by  Chipper (115)

A Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D. O. ) has less education and training than a Medical Doctor (M. D. ). Both complete four years of medical education, but the M. D. continues medical school. A d. O is more focused on wholistic wellnesa than drugs or surgery, while the M. D. uses more traditional medical tests.


Answer by  senthilkumar (299)

The differences between the a DO and an MD stem from differences in teaching styles and focus during medical school.

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