Question by  jflick (19)

What is the difference between a bonus and a salary increase?


Answer by  mellysa (162)

Bonuses and salary increases both involve the employee receiving additional money. However, a bonus is a one time occurrence whereas a salary increase extends throughout your employment. As a result it is better in the long run to receive a salary increase.


Answer by  Anonymous

Salary increase is permanent and given depending on inflation, merit, work scope, promotion and work attitude of an employee. Whereas bonus is given ad-hoc or discretionary depending on the company profit performance and the contributing effort and factors to such company's performance.


Answer by  Devesh (50)

Bonus is paid for special reasons like- company making good profits, performance bonus etc. So it is not added in regular salary. Once paid that much amount does not mean that the same amount will be paid again. Where as salary increase is increase in regular pay generally not reduced.


Answer by  chandni (145)

A bonus is an extra payment given when a task is done exceptionally well and it is strictly for that particular task only. Salary increase need not be based on performance, and its generally permanent.


Answer by  Sinefey (457)

A Salary Increase, is an increase on the hourly wages you earn each week. A bonus is not a dependable money source as it is usually only given once per year (if that). Sometimes a bonus is a one time occurance, whereas a salary increase you will receive each and every pay period.


Answer by  M568460 (45)

salary is the monthly income and the bonus is yearly income so salary increasing is the best and this the different between the both thing while salary is increasing our yearly savings will improve in short period this one not in the bonus increment that will fulfill our certain festival budjets.

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