Question by  Twixx (17)

What is the definition of a loveless marriage?

maybe we should go see marriage counselors?


Answer by  Sockless (528)

It is a marriage that one that exists mainly because of inertia. It would take more work to dissolve the marriage than either party is willing to exert. While both parties may be amicable to each other, there is no passion or love any more.


Answer by  Stephanopolous (54)

If two people are in a marriage and so no affection towards each other, hardly spend anytime together, argue about pointless things and never have sex then maybe it would be advisable to see a marriage counselor.


Answer by  Gianni86 (15)

A loveless marriage is marriage that lacks the essential elements of a good partnership - trust, respect, communication, and most importantly, intimacy. A loveless marriage lacks both physical and emotional connection between two partners, leaving one of both partners feeling unfulfilled.


Answer by  Bob12 (20)

A loveless marriage is one where you know longer have any regard or care for the other person. It is existing in the same space but not in the same space together.


Answer by  BillT (172)

A loveless marriage is one where the partners show little affection for each other. There is little or no sex in the marriage. If there is it is done by one partner out of a sense of obligation.

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