Question by  Krabi (112)

How should you choose a Loveless-Marriage counselor?

I am close friends with a couple that really need help with their marriage.


Answer by  tab65 (456)

The best way to find a Love-less Marriage counselor is to search online. You can search in your local area and read reviews to find the most recommended.


Answer by  apey (32)

Make apointments with a few counselors as a way to feel if they are a right fit for you. Meet with each and see if both of you are comfortable discussing your personal life with this person.


Answer by  ushudno (155)

One thing you must know that marriage counselors are there to run their business. In most of the marriage problems 'self help' is only solution.


Answer by  Abbie (282)

First, the couple must want help, and if you don't have their permission, you shouldn't be suggesting counselling for them. However, if this couple has asked for help then you are best to look up counselors in your area. Books that you could give them include "What's He Really Thinking" Rinehart, and "Sheet Music" "Leman. "


Answer by  Balaji (325)

He should be well versed in this work. He should have proper idea. He should have idea about marriage and should say the goodness of marriage

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