Question by  nating (37)

What is the current rate paid for I Bonds?

I have several I bonds that I would like to cash in.


Answer by  Carol37 (569)

What you are earning depends on when you bought. Older I Bonds have a guarantee of both the base rate and inflation rate prevailing. The current I Bonds ( since there is no inflation) are paying nothing for the next 6 months. Go to the IRS Wizard site and put in the date of purchase to find the value.


Answer by  Cecilia (2828)

Your bank will figure the value for you when you go to cash them in. If you want to see the most recent interest rate look at treasury dot gov and search I Bonds.


Answer by  gleverance (720)

The current interest rate is 0. 0%, so it may be a good time for you to cash them out.

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