Question by  ksk (19)

What is the cost of living in St. Thomas like?

Is it more expensive than living in a big city in the US?


Answer by  Judy (36)

Living in St. Thomas, as with the other islands is expensive - everything is brought in by air or boat. However, when building a home you must have a cistern with a capacity of 10 gallons of water per square foot of living space. A high price is paid for electricity, which many years ago, was very unstable going off unexpectedly.


Answer by  redman (33)

Living in St. thomas is cheaper than living in big city in the US since there is a lot of poverty. pretty much they depend on tourist visiting. but because they are getting affected by outsiders standard of living is getting higher but not as it is in the US.


Answer by  shonnieg (66)

The cost of living is a average of 33% then most us juridictions it appears to be about the same as living in a big city in the us


Answer by  knnyrobb (85)

On average the cost of living in St Thomas is about 30% higher than a big city like Atlanta in the US.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

You can expect to pay up to 30% more per city if you are living in St. Thomas. The costs are higher due to the universities located there.


Answer by  lgh (11)

St. Thomas can be fairly expensive because many products you will need to live comfortably must be imported from the mainland or from other islands.


Answer by  123barbo (60)

The living expense in St. Thomas is one third higher than most cities across the US. This is due to the wages being in the third lowest of US jurisdictions.

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