Question by  Briana85 (20)

What is the cost of living in Puerto Rico?


Answer by  SashaDarkCloud (5764)

If you want to live in the classiest place, you will need a lot of money. Some properties near the beach go for hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you are poor, you are boned. The island is not in the best of shape financially right now. Some people are trying to get out.


Answer by  23525 (27)

The cost of living is not that high. You can't really approximate but comparing to the U.S. it's cheaper to live in the U.S than Puerto Rica especially in terms of food housing and gas and shelter. So it just depends on what your level of living is for real.


Answer by  shiftleft (3)

The cost of living in Puerto Rico is cheaper compared to other states because there are no good paying jobs available for the residents.

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