Question by  cm (23)

What is the chemical composition of bleach?


Answer by  pin (75)

The chemical composition of bleach is Sodium hypochlorite. Sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl)is formed when chlorine is passed into cold and dilute sodium hydroxide solution. It is prepared by electrolysis with minimal separation between the anode and cathode. The solution must be kept below 40 °C. to prevent the undesired formation of NaOCL. Cl2 + 2 naoh → nacl + naocl+ h2o


Answer by  chemteach (100)

Common household bleach or sodium hypochlorite has a chemical formula of NaClO. Oxygen bleach has peroxide in it, such as in hydrogen or benzoyl peroxide or sodium perborate. Dry bleach powder includes calcium hypochlorite.

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