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Question by  JamesCartwright (21)

Is it possible to use lemon juice as bleach?

What materials will lemon juice bleach?


Answer by  KK47 (19)

In general, lemon juice cannot be used as bleach. It is acidic and could be used to lighten the color of paper, some types of hair, and clothes. However, the lightening of these objects will be noticeably weaker than if bleach were used. Lemon juice also does not have the sanitizing properties of bleach.


Answer by  kaylalynn (91)

I have never heard of anyone bleaching with lemon. It would seem it would bleach a base, since it is acidic, such as fabric if left for awhile


Answer by  whoareyou (3483)

Lemon juice is a great way to lighten your hair during the summer - simply apply the juice thoroughly to your hair and spend about 30 minutes in the sun. While it does help to lighten it, it doesn't actually bleach it. Lemon juice will have this affect on many other products as well, such as fabrics and clothing.


Answer by  jerbe (77)

You can use lemon juice but it is very drying to your hair and can turn brown hair orange. Better for blondes.

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