Question by  lumba (16)

What is the cause of brachialis pain?

I have been having lower bicep pain that is near my joint.


Answer by  BrendaG (6111)

Damage is often due to injury to a nerve or a "stretch" injury. Getting a sharp arm jerk or other painful trauma can be the cause. Anti-inflammatory medicines such as ibuprofen or aspirin can help pain and decrease inside inflammation.


Answer by  salsafoodie (3146)

One of causes of the pain is cause of overuse of the elbow due to exercise. It is very common among people who workout a lot and do a lot of curling.


Answer by  ReplyBG (5)

If you are worried about it, you should know that your closest doctor is a more reliable source of information than an anonymous informer. If it were something that could be treatening your life (may or might not be the case), a doctor would be more reliable to trust since he would give you a proper treatment.


Answer by  tenger (12)

The cause of brachialis pain can be a strained or torn muscle or tendon or ligament or overuse of the muscle.

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