Question by  donnellyspencer (65)

What is the capacity of a Magic Chef Freezer?


Answer by  dannyg28 (3070)

The capacity of a Magic Chef can be different depending on the size of the freezer that you purchase if you buy a chest freezer than you will have a lot more storage than if you buy a side by side refrigerator freezer, bottom line is that you should buy a freezer that suits your needs for size.


Answer by  1838 (43)

Capacities of Magic Chef Freezer strongly vary from the model. It`s volume starts from 3.6 cu ft for the smaller one and rises up to 10 cu ft for the biggest.


Answer by  lloydstation (77)

The Magic Chef Freezer is a 5 cubic foot freezer. Selling for typically just over $150 it's an excellent option as a dedicated freezer to add on the existing storage space you may already have. It includes temperature control, door lock, and is in the classic freezer chest shape, colors include black and white.


Answer by  itsprissy15 (80)

It depends on what size magic chef freexer you are wanting to buy. However most run around 4-18 cubic feet.

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