Question by  Cristina (339)

What is the best way to paint a metal door?


Answer by  cody412 (114)

Strip it with a wire wheel chucked in an electric drill. Wipe it down with a tack cloth to remove all the paint flakes. Use a brand name spry paint


Answer by  Peg (459)

It is important to prepare a metal door before painting it. Use a heavy grit sandpaper to rough the metal. The sandpaper makes the metal have a rough texture or surface instead of the slick, shiny surface. The paint will adhere to a rough surface better than a slick surface.


Answer by  Anonymous

First, sand with coarse paper. Second, prime with Rustoleum or a similar product. Finally, apply a Latex finish coat, which will expand and contract better with the door when the temperature changes.


Answer by  ruth (407)

Sand, prime with an oil based primer, and paint with a brush, roller or spraypaint. Start painting at the top and work down.


Answer by  kapoor (52)

to the paint the door is the best way . we should use good quality of paint and brush. we should paint up and down motion .

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