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Question by  kikokkm (19)

What is the best way to list Yamaha drums for sale?

Newpaper? Craig's list? E-Bay? I can't afford to ship them myself.


Answer by  LSK (51)

The best way to list Yamaha drums for sale is at E-Bay. You can set the fix price that you would like to sell. You even can set whether this item is neagoatible or not. You can customize with features such like own collection, cash term as well. Moreover, it's will be cheapest against user on E-BAY compared to others.


Answer by  wonder47 (123)

I would list them in a local paper that does not charge for ads under a certain word limit. Also, Craigslist is a good option because you deal with people directly, therefore you don't have to pay to ship your item to anyone, and you could get more money for it. Make them come to you.


Answer by  cako (17)

list on EBAY first, that would make sure someone paid for shipping. If that doesn't work, try your local craigslist page next, and make sure to list that the buyer has to pick them up themselves, and you won't ship them. If that doesn't work, try going to a local music shop and ask them to sell them for you.


Answer by  LeeAnnDiVeria (39)

Since you are selling such a specialized item, it might behoove you to find a website where musicians buy and sell or trade their unwanted instruments. To avoid shipping charges, looking locally is certainly best. You can use the classifieds or post flyers in coffee shops, laundromats, and especially music stores or lesson venues.

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