Question by  DecalDude (36)

What is the best way to go about purchasing a hearing aid at a discounted price?

My insurance won't cover it.


Answer by  Christian9247 (5042)

There are various organizations that can help provider cheaper priced or even free hearing aids. These places normally cater to senior citizens who can't afford one. For younger people, you can shop in various outlets that sell wholesale equipment such as hearing aids.


Answer by  grouper916 (40)

Discounted hearing aid can be had by going to the Lions Club or Sertoma they have many ways of helping to get hearing aids.For children there is Miracle-Ear Children's Foundation.


Answer by  MikeZ (6)

I would first begin my search online comparing as many different brands as possible. Then I would talk to other people that I know and receive recommendations from them. I would look for coupons in different magazines and newspapers. I would then talk to my doctor and discuss the my findings.


Answer by  sprite (36)

The first thing I would do is talk to my doctor, he may have or know of resources for people without or with too little insurance. Second, I would search the internet for places that may give discounts. I would also check with the local senior center for ideas.


Answer by  mselainey (10)

First, I would check with my doctor and the local agency on hearing, and ask if they have resources for people without insurance. Then I would check on the web and cross reference those locations with the BBB. I would also check with the local senior center for suggestions.


Answer by  Amy21 (460)

The best way to do that is to take a look on the search engines online. There are many that can offer you a great product at a discounted price that you would get retail. Start by searching on Google or bing for best results.


Answer by  grammybarbj (572)

First I would make some phone calls to see where the hearing aids at dicounted prices are. Then I would check with the BBB to make sure the firm has a good reputation. Next I would make an appointment for a hearing evaluation. FInally I would purchase the hearing aide.


Answer by  lgk (2426)

Most local health departments have low to no price programs for people who are under insured and need different medical equipment. Start there first, they may be able to help.


Answer by  Jenna (587)

First, talk to your audiologist or hearing specialist. They may have resources that you can utilize that may not be public knowledge. You can also try to find organizations in your community that focus on helping to fund hearing aids. Your local hospital may be able to find resources for you also.


Answer by  cherylb (125)

Most insurance companies will not cover hearing devices, but there are numerous audiologists that have redeemable coupons towards the purchase of hearing aids and these coupons are of sizable values. Comparison shop local audiologists by phoning or by computer generating. Also, remember to ask if they supply lifetime batteries to accompany the hearing aids. Many audiologists do.


Answer by  JamesPearce (117)

Try searching well know hearing care centers. If none of these offer and affordable price, look at less well known ones as these might have the lower price.

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