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Question by  clydesix (17)

What is the best way to get tickets to DisneyLand?

I'm not sure if you wait to buy them there or if you have to pre-purchase them.


Answer by  DisneyFan (21)

Pre-purchase is better because you will likely get a better deal as opposed to paying full price buying them there. Buy through AAA, Costco, online, for discounts.


Answer by  rollaMomma (7)

You can purchase single-day or multi-day/multi-park "hopper" passes (good for Disneyland and California Adventures) either at the Disneyland Resort, or online. During the off-season, Disneyland offers discounts for Southern California residents too.


Answer by  christie18 (81)

There are several options! You can buy them at the park (which I don't recommend- long lines), you can buy them online at , you can also get tickets through Costco (call ahead to make sure they have them), or even Craigslist for discount!


Answer by  juliep (305)

I have always gotten my tickets at a local Disney store. They tend to know what the latest deal may be.


Answer by  Bob3345 (19)

Pre-purchasing tickets is the best way to go. You get some perks like early entry on select days if you order them online from Disneyland's website. When pre-purchased, the price per ticket has a considerable discount versus purchasing them at the gate. You can also purchase them at Disney Stores at a discount, however, the early entry is not available.


Answer by  kakoe (989)

Always try to pre-purchase before you go. DisneyLand and other amusement parks offer coupons and other great deals online and you can often save a lot more money if you pre-purchase as opposed to buying at the park.


Answer by  sarah1967 (626)

You can get tickets to Disneyland either by purchasing them in person at the window or you can purchase them ahead of time on line, which is better.


Answer by  brabdon26 (54)

Online is best options to get Disneyland ticket without any stress.

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