Question by  mramanjulu (2)

What is the best way to get ink off your hands?

Soap doesn't work.


Answer by  shilpi (11)

To get ink off you can use either thinner or ethyl alcohol. Its stainless and evapourate this way youy can use it take some small amonut of the thinner or ethyl alcohol on the cotton ball immediately rub it on your hand .Do it twice or thrice for better result and allow it to air dry than wash with water.


Answer by  deeps (5)

firstly apply baby oil on the hand, massage it for a few seconds then gently rub it in a small piece of stone and wash by soap,dry hands using cloth


Answer by  claire56 (23)

To remove ink from your hands, use mineral oil or baby oil. Apply oil to the stained area and rub gently in circles until the ink is gone.


Answer by  lisamariepeebles (58)

Most people in the printing business use denatured alcohol to remove ink from their hands because it will not overly dry your skin.

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