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Question by  Venkatesan (6)

What is the best treatment for very dry hair?

I have tried conditioner but it is not doing the trick.


Answer by  mhbat (217)

Go to a salon and they can treat it rigorously. Or go to a specialty shop and purchase protein treatments for use every week.


Answer by  MelindaS (1694)

Hot oil treatments are great ways to moisturize dry hair, and they are easily purchased in the health and beauty department of stores. You can also try washing your hair less often, such as every other day. Additionally, some people use mayonnaise treatments on their hair to increase hair moisture.


Answer by  AnjoBanjo (271)

Deep conditioning is the secret for very dry hair. You will want to use a vitamin based product which is also a cream base. Conditioners with wheat, rice and corn proteins are the best.


Answer by  caporfirio (804)

Have you tried a hot oil treatment? It is a oil that you heat and place onto your hair. You should also only wash your hair every other day at the very most. Additionally, do not brush your hair when it is wet. This causes breakage and overtime can leave your hair looking very dry.

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