Question by  TheCraig (16)

What are some home remedies for dry hair?

My hair has become very dry over time.


Answer by  Mydnight (111)

You could use a couple of eggs, just whip them and use like a conditioner, leave in for five minutes and rinse, or you could use mayonnaise the same way.


Answer by  wj (646)

Make sure your diet is good and you're getting the nutrients your body needs. Make your own conditioning hair mask from olive oil and mayonnaise - wet your hair, comb the mask in, wrap it up for half an hour, wash it out thoroughly, rinse with vinegar then wash again - it'll leave your hair feeling soft and glossy.


Answer by  CMob05 (192)

I'm told putting mayo in your hair and wrapping a bag around it works great, i've prefer coconut oil also make your hair come back to life.


Answer by  heavensent (241)

Try using mayonnaise, avocado, beaten egg, olive oil, VCO or coconut oil which is widely used in ancient times. You need to tolerate the smell though.

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