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Question by  EJ (15)

Should I be concerned if I have neck pain and headaches from an auto accident?

I was in a car accident and am having neck and head pain.


Answer by  shijo (861)

Yes neck pain sometimes is dangerous if there is a nerve damage. Since you underwent a accident,you should see your orthopedician as soon as possible and take a MRI scan.


Answer by  Elizabeth1959 (87)

It is not unusual to experience neck pain even 72 hours after a car wreck. Headaches occur in almost two thirds of those with neck pain after a wreck. However, pain that radiates down into the arms should be followed up by a doctor. And any headache with nausea and/ or vomiting should also be followed up by a doctor.


Answer by  RRGKK (412)

Please see a doctor soon. It could be serious, such as a frature or compaction of a vertebrae, but a CT or MRI scan and possibly x-rays are the only way to confirm the problem. It could be a soft tissue injry as well. Please seek help.

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