Question by  rmttyler (160)

What is the best place for retirement?

My wife and I are thinking of relocating when we retire.


Answer by  beepa (7)

I have retired and am currently living in Las Vegas, Nevada. I highly recommend retiring here. The cost of living here is very reasonable, the entertainment options are endless, the weather is great, (except the summers can be very hot). If you like buffets, this is definetly the place, since there are so many to choose from.


Answer by  LLL57 (73)

Choose your retirement location based on where you can afford to live on your income; or you won't be retired for long. Decide what is most important to you; such as being near family, the ocean or in a busy city where you can walk to entertainment and dining. Then just enjoy your new life.


Answer by  becca63 (325)

The best place for retirement is Florida. There is still a lot going on down their and it provides comfort and relaxation after working for all of them years.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

Texas, Nevada, Washington state and Florida have no state income tax as well as moderate climates. Close to family and long time friends can provide more help as one's health declines, as well as providing supervision of any hired household help or care-givers. If you are considering abroad, Costa Rica and Panama have large English speaking communities.

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