Question by  Simsim (69)

What is the best litter for declawed kittens?


Answer by  tyler13 (92)

When we declawed our kitten we used torn up paper in the litter box. We used the paper for a few weeks. The paper seemed to prevent litter from aggrivating and/or entering the wounds. Once the kittens paws healed we went back to using regular litter and never had a problem.


Answer by  worker12 (293)

We have inside declawed cats and have been using the 5 lb yellow bag tidy cat litter from walmart. These bags are easy to handle very little dust when pouring and my now cats were kittens at one time and haven't had any problems with irritation from scratching the litter.


Answer by  Wallybingus (176)

Until the paws are fully healed, it is best to use a litter that can't stick to or infect the surgical area, such as shredded newspaper or absorbent crystals. After that, though, it doesn't matter. Cats paw at litter to cover their deposits, but don't use it to sharpen their claws.


Answer by  azm (23)

The best type of kitty litter to use with a newly declawed kitten is finely shredded newspaper. Using regular litter may allow bits of litter to get stuck in the operated area of the paws and cause an infection. Finely shredding the newspaper will make it easier for your kitten to use.


Answer by  Dogless (159)

Any commercial kitty litter is fine for declawed kittens. Cats don't need their claws for covering up their "leavings. " You can see this for yourself if you ever watch a kitten "make a mistake" on a linoleum or hardwood floor. They paw at the floor in a "covering up" motion without any feeling of futility, and without their claws.


Answer by  TwoToneDodge (2204)

A De-clawed cats feet are much more sensitive than a regular or out door cats would be. Cats and kittens with no claws do best with clumping litter because it more evenly distributes weight along the bottom of their little feet. This creates less pressure for their sensitive pads.

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