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Question by  steve93 (34)

What is the best fertilizer for centipede?


Answer by  worker8486 (9)

The best fertilizer for Centipede grass is one that contains high levels of Iron, low levels of Potassium and Nitrogen, and NO Phosphorus. Pretty much any 15-0-15 fertilizer should do.

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can 15-0-15 burn my lawn?  add a comment

Answer by  dazee (85)

One idea for fertilizing centipede grass is with organics. Create a Compost pile made from grass clippings and household food waste(No meat products! ). This works very well especially if you add old cola products (i. e coca-cola or pepsi) to the mix while its decomposing. Sprinkle on grass and water.


Answer by  mb (5482)

I don't think you want fertilizer for centipedes, centipedes are a pest. You want an insecticide for centipedes. Any regular insecticide will work but you don't even need that. Centipedes live on dead leaves and grass. If you rake your yard regularly and pick up leaves and twigs they won't have anything to feed on.


Answer by  nairjula (559)

Centipede grass fertilization is usually done after a soil testing. 15-0-15 centipede grass fertlizer at a rate of5 pounds per 1000 square feet will be ideal for luxurient growth.


Answer by  worker6389 (7)

I like to use ortho products. Ortho's Outdoor Care products remove centipedes, this is in addition to other yard related pests.

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Milorganite......best fertilizer out there for the 'pede.  add a comment
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