Question by  semy (26)

What is the best cure for scars on my legs?


Answer by  jamiec (74)

Besides laser treatment, nothing will make them completely disappear. A cream with hydroquinone will bleach the skin, but use only as a spot treatment. Other options are; Neem oil- used regularly, pure vitamin E oil,Vitamin D oitment may help, some say rolloing a golf ball over the scar will help break up the scar tissue also.


Answer by  Lucy401 (43)

A 'vanishing' or 'fade' cream with hydroquinone will bleach the skin and "fade" dark marks in order to even out your skin tone. Use it only as a spot cream!


Answer by  mehul80 (136)

Neem oil is the best medicine for any scar.It is the Best Antiseptic agent. You apply this oil regularly. mostly 3 to 4 days you get the good result.


Answer by  medhits (160)

Unless you opt for drastic changes, like laser treatments. Usually scars will never fully go away. There are some products that help diminish the look of scars, but not 100%.


Answer by  Tigerbelle (252)

Scars are often best treated with pure vitamin E oil that can be purchased at your local drug store as well as pure alow vera gel. There are also over the counter creams that are specifically made for scars that works just as well.


Answer by  Ginsing (38)

You can get rid of scars by regularly applying Vitamin E oil to the area. If you have access to an oil with calendula in it, that will help too.


Answer by  Pancho (68)

You can roll a golf ball along the scars, and the dimples should help break up scar tissue. Also, there are commercial ointments available to soften the appearance of scars.


Answer by  G12345 (1808)

A lot of people swear by Vitamin D ointment to help fade them. Otherwise the only cure is time or surgical revision.


Answer by  madel (30)

A scar is a permanent reminder of past trauma; so unfortunately, you'll have the scars forever. You didn't mention whether the scars protrude or indent, nor whether there is associated discoloration. Because depending upon the answers to those questions, the recommendations would be different.


Answer by  Anonymous

i have my scar in my legs,i got this when i was a child.what is the best cure for this.thank you

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