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Question by  Paul (25)

What is the best cure for boils?


Answer by  sapphire51 (1048)

Apply the thin layer from the inside of an egg shell to the boil repeatedly untl the boil comes to a head, when it bursts, apply warm cloths to area.


Answer by  Caryn85 (418)

The best way to get rid of a boil is to massage it. Do this every time you think about it of feel it. It will hurt at first but it will begin to fade. Also massage it with a hot towel too.


Answer by  ChrisD6977 (20)

The best cure for boils is to soak a piece of bread in sugar water overnight, then to place the soaked bread on the boil. This will draw out the core of the boil.


Answer by  espraba (119)

1. Garlic and onion juice can be mixed and apply. 2. Bitter Gourd also a good remedy. 3. Apply a mixture of a teaspoon of milk cream and vinegar with a pinch of turmeric powder


Answer by  dr84bhl (2789)

You should never touch a boil it will drain by itself. A boil is painful, it fills up with pus, when the head turns yellow it will drain by itself. Do not pick at it as you will spread the infection.


Answer by  vimala (17)

the best cure for boils are applying a pure sandal after a face wash with warm water without soap , continue this practice for one week then all of the boils will disappear automatically, applying during night time is more preferable

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