Question by  jami05 (16)

What is the best camera that's digital?


Answer by  michaeljameslucas (12)

The best overall camera for intermediate use would be a canon rebel. They have very new versions of it which are very pricy but you get what you pay for. If your looking for something a bit cheaper looking for a previous years model.


Answer by  cameraguy (97)

As for brands, Canon is one of the best out there. As for types, a DSLR is the best. These use a real shutter, full size sensors, interchangeable lenses, etc. The best digital camera is the EOS-1Ds Mark III, but it's $7,000, plus the cost of lenses.


Answer by  BellaMarie (109)

The best digital camera that I have ever used is a Sony Cybershot. Sony's perform well in low light, take great pictures and are very user friendly. The scenes mode on most cameras will automatically allow it to adjust to any situation - leaving you with great pictures!


Answer by  hobominer (184)

You will probably get a lot of different responses to that question but in my opinion you can't go just can't go past the Nikon D series

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