Question by  schwibb (35)

What is the best blade for grooming a poodle?


Answer by  mb (5482)

There are all kinds of specialy blades on the market. You can pay up to $800 for a quality set. But if you are like me you don't plan on showing your poodle in dog shows so you can go an get a regular pair of human hair clippers. Use the #2 spacer and you'll be fine.


Answer by  eaglover (394)

When grooming a poodle thats a housepet, the best blade size for the dogs face, feet and tail is a #10. If you want to clip closer you can use a #15. Generally for the body the best blade is a #4F. This type makes grooming easier and makes it harder to catch the dogs skin during grooming.


Answer by  pin (75)

A poodle under a year of age can use Puppy Clip with the coat long which are shaved. Scissoring is to even up & remove any straggly hairs

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