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Question by  dsantens (15)

What is the best bee sting therapy?

I got stung by a bee and would like to know how to treat it.


Answer by  Dennie (8)

Scrape the sting gently with a credit card to remove the stinger. Take a dose of Benadryl. Make a baking soda and water paste and put it on the sting.


Answer by  JC74 (63)

Non-allergic reactions require pulling the stinger out with your fingers/tweezers, putting the site under ice and taking Benadryl. Allergic reactions require epinephrine shot, CPR and 911 procedures/assistance.

Reply by saltydog (0):
Bad advice to pull stinger out with finger, tweezers or any clamping device. You will only squeeze more venom into the sting site. Scrape the stinger and venom sac off with any edged device, including finger nail.  add a comment

Answer by  Jolie (1227)

If you put a cloth wrapped around an ice pack on it that should help with the swelling. Then there is a product sold in stores called stingeze that will numb the area and then you wont feel like you are in such agony from the sting. Also make sure the stinger is not still in you.

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