Question by  STariq (136)

What is the average teacher's salary?

My daughter will be a new teacher soon.


Answer by  Salixa (9)

The average salary for a new teacher in the US is about $40,000. Elementary school teachers makeless than middle school teachers, who in turn make less than high school teachers.


Answer by  Jon66 (104)

Depending on what state you teach in, the starting salary range is anywhere from $34,000-$64,000. California, New York and Connecticut rate the highest, while Utah and the Dakota are lower


Answer by  HelpfulAndy (1107)

This depends on the area of specialization and the school that they teach at. Private school teachers can earn up to eighty thousand dollars while university professors can earn anywhere from sisty thousand dollars up to about one hundred thousand dollars a year. Congratulations to your daughter, the world needs more teachers.


Answer by  Jim23 (303)

It's a good occupation to be in the teaching profession no matter what you have read in the news and on television. The average nationwide salary for a teacher in the United States is $53,504. This would be the median salary. Median meaning that about half would be above and half below.


Answer by  xXxlilpuppy99xXx (6)

This depends on which country you're in. Here in Singapore it ranges between roughly S$1500 to over S$2000. Major factors include the teacher's degree, which class of honours she has and whether she allowed the ministry to pick her school for her. The class of the honours alone makes a difference of several hundred dollars.


Answer by  reflex (278)

The average teachers income varys. I know most student teachers make roughly 45-50,000 dollars a year. It also depends on what kind of teacher. A highschool or college teacher?

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