Question by  kate74 (273)

What is the average salary of a pediatric surgeon?

I think this is what I want to do.


Answer by  destinyisntfree (242)

This is going to vary significantly depending on where you plan on practicing, and how long you have been practicing. Currently, the national median salary for a pediatric surgeon in the United States is approximately $350,000. Factors that will change this estimate include cost of living in the area, and also how many similar practitioners are available.


Answer by  pieface (273)

$347,000 is the median salary. This amount is comparative to plastic surgeons and vascular Surgeons. Pediatric surgeons must complete a two-year fellowship in pediatrics after having completing a general surgery program. There are also specialties within the field of pediatric surgery. Cardiac pediatric surgeons make about $253,334 depending on location.


Answer by  blrVoice (1054)

My friend is a pediatric surgeon, he started to work last year. His starting salary was around € 2000 per month in the very first year. This does not include night shifts. He works in Ireland.


Answer by  michellegreen18 (15)

In the United States, the average salary is $354,223. It also requires a degree and about two-four years of surgery experience.

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