Question by  peter2 (16)

What is the average cost to have a dog put down?

I think the time has come for my dog, but my vet's price seems outrageous.


Answer by  Bo99 (392)

I guess, it depends in which country your live. I am in Canada and around here Vets charge at least $50. 00, and this, at the condition that you bring your animal at his office.


Answer by  tuppyqueen (311)

Each vets prices are different, I think our vets price is around $45. The best thing to do is to call around, even in smaller town vets seem to be cheaper (which are's is). The bigger the town it sseems the more they charge


Answer by  Shreyansh (236)

You can firstly try consulting some other VET maybe he can help you in your budget but anyways if that doesn't works then you can go for it,would roughly cost you 100-180 US$ if you want the ashes of dogs else it would be 50-60 US$.

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