Question by  triped77 (10)

What is the average cost of dog adoption?

Does it vary depending on the age of the dog?


Answer by  Lyra (12)

Costs vary. The SPCA can charge under $100, while a dog from a breeder can cost into the thousands. Rescue organizations charge anywhere from nominal fees to hundreds of dollars for adoption fees. Age plays a factor in cost. Puppies are often more expensive since they are considered more desirable.


Answer by  tjwltrs (109)

The cost of adoption can vary widely from organization to organization. Some have a flat rate and some have prices that vary depending how much medical care the dog has received or breed that it is. You could pay from $50-$300.


Answer by  eric273 (74)

From my experience you can adopt a young dog or a puppy (3 months to 1 years old) for around 400 to 600 US dollars. You can adopt an adult dog for around 200 dollars or less based on how old the dog is and what type of dog.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

In my state age doesn't matter. In the state of Maryland the going price is around $200.00 but you will have a dog that is "fixed" and has it's shots.


Answer by  FishGal88 (351)

Adopting a dog varies in price depending on if you chose a county shelter, or a private rescue. Typically purebreds and puppies cost more as do private rescues.


Answer by  rogera (788)

Age dosen't really make a difference, it depends on what they have done for the dog. It can run from 150.00 to 300.00 dollars .This is the cost of spay,neutering,food, room and board,microchipping, shots medicine and other various needs for the animal.There is also fees that help keep the shelter running,this is necessary for animals well being.

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