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Question by  NarayanS (6)

What is "sterilized milk"?

Is it the same as pasteurized?


Answer by  JanuszStaszewski (30)

Sterilization of milk is to maintain it at a temperature of one hundred twenty degrees around twenty minutes, by this time all bacteria are killed, such milk loses much of its nutritional value, do not use the technology so widely. The scope of consumption increases to a few months. Condensed milk packed in cans is often subjected to long-term sterilization.


Answer by  ScienceSarah (18)

Sterilized milk is NOT the same as pasteurized milk; however, pasteurized milk is, in fact, sterilized. Sterilization requires a complete destruction of germs and bacteria, which are heavily present in milk. In order to sterilize milk, one will generally pasteurize it by heating it up to kill the bacteria then cooling it back to its regar temperature.

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