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Question by  fluffy (21)

What is in HPNOTIQ?

It's a kind of liqueur.


Answer by  CEEFORINA (784)

A secret blend ( that is to say, known only to the producers) of tropical fruit juices, premium vodka and a drop of cognac.It is available around the world, and is one of the top-selling liqueurs in America. It was created in 2001 by a student wanting make a drink that would match some blue perfume he had seen !


Answer by  Bronagh (666)

The popular liqueur Hpnotiq is a blend of vodka, cognac and tropical fruit juices that results in a vivid ocean blue color.


Answer by  pingpong (46)

Hypnotiq is a liqueur that has been banned from the United States because it is said to induce hallucinogenic episodes. There have been many impostor brands of Hypnotiq, and many people have purchased kits to make it at home, which could make the effects even worse. It is green in color and was featured in the movie Eurotrip.


Answer by  Cathie (670)

It's a really pretty blue colored liqueur that is made from cognac and vodka and tropical fruits. I don't know why it is that pretty shade of blue but when you put it straight on ice, it is gorgeous!


Answer by  jag48185 (19)

HPNOTIQ is an import liquior simular to Aliza it is blue in color. It is a mix of conac, vodka and tropical fruit juices 17% ach by vol.It is bascialy a chic drink, no selk respection guy should ever be caught in public with such a fruity drink in his paws.

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