Question by  KC (19)

What is good ground cover that jack rabbits won't eat?


Answer by  workunion (23)

Pests like jackrabbits tend to avoid spearmint, thyme, and snow on the mountain. Although not groundcover, they usually avoid tall perenials too.


Answer by  golfgirl (173)

Jack rabbits will eat most anything, even if they don't like it. However, some have found that they will leave trefoil or crown vetch alone. Also sprinkling bone meal around any plants you want to protect can be useful.


Answer by  TylerMoore (146)

I have pumkin vines and watermelon vines that are being ignored also Santolina and artemisia are great deterents that rabbits wont eat.. but might chew on


Answer by  bunnygal (262)

Jack rabbits will eat ground cover, there isn't much they won't eat. But they are not particularly fond of trefoil or crown vetch. These plants are also very deep-rooted so even if they do get the occasional mowing by your furry friends, they will come back with no issue. Use care though, these plants can also become quite invasive.


Answer by  mallisia (54)

Jack rabbits... wow um, did you try seeing if the pet store has any non eatable ground cover? I mean, I know that's why you're asking but did you try asking someone at the pet store? Well, at the pet store they'd have something especially for that.

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