Question by  worker5433 (26)

What is George Bush doing these days?

Not George W, but his dad, the first President Bush.


Answer by  johnresa (2455)

He still makes many public appearances. He has attended many recent events including the funeral of former presidents Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford. He has even appeared in a commercial with former president Bill Clinton looking for aid for Katrina victims.


Answer by  tbird (732)

He has retired along with wife Barbara to the Tanglewood section of Houston Texas. They spend summers in Maine and he also has a fishing tournament in Florida. He has become friends with Bill Clinton and does charity work with him. He still makes public appearances too.


Answer by  ohmandy (144)

One thing that he is involved in is helping out with relief efforts. He has worked with other former presidents including President Clinton.


Answer by  JDBIII (222)

Former President George Herbert Walker Bush is keeping very active these days. There was an article about him several weeks ago in Forbes magazine. The article was talking about all his athletic interests: golf, baseball, tennis, fishing, horse shoes and sky diving. Even in his Eighties he went sky diving. So he is keeping himself very active. Good for him.

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